Vadivelu blasted the comedy prevailing in today’s cinema


Vadivelu in Jagajala Pujabala ThenaliramanAce comedian Vadivelu has blasted the quality of comedy prevailing in today’s Tamil cinema. He has made a hard-hitting statement on the comedy by the likes of Santhanam, Sathyan etc.

The comedian, who had vanished from the film industry during the ‘unofficial boycott’ for the last three years, is slowly but surely making a comeback with his upcoming Jagajala Pujabala Thenaliraman in which he is playing a double role, essaying the role of Krishnadevarayar and Thenali Raman.

Commenting casually about the quality of comedy in Tamil films today, Vadivelu said “Many new comedians(!!!) have come up in Kollywood in the last 2-3 years when I was away from films. A good-quality comedy sequence, irrespective of the artistes performing it, ought to bring smile to our lips. However, the comedy sequences in the few recent films which I watched didn’t bring smile to me or to the audiences who watched the films along with me.

“I was apprehensive that had I watched those films fully, I would myself lose the confidence I possess in giving and watching good-quality comedy. I didn’t watch any of these films fully; in the name of comedy, they are talking vulgarity and things which are not at all required for the common man. These sequences hardly qualify for family-viewing as they would embarrass the family members to a great extent.

“You develop stress when you watch such sequences. I, therefore, appeal to my fans in particular and the people in general not to watch such sequences which only end up causing harm to their eyes and hearts in the name of comedy,” concluded Vadivelu.

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