Botanical Garden Pondicherry
Botanical Garden Pondicherry

This sprawling garden spreading over an area of 22 acres is one of the finest botanical gardens in the country. Established by C.S. Perrotet in 1826, this Botanical Garden has for long been one of the hottest tourist spots of Pondicherry. The garden encloses a wealthy and diverse collection of plant species from many parts of India as well as from abroad. It also has a large aquarium displaying many sea living organisms including variety of fish flora.

Later trees were planted here and Parroted was mainly instrumental in transforming the place into a botanical garden in 1831. His memorial can be seen insie the premises. In 1960, after the Transfer of Power from the French, the garden became the hub of horticultural development in Pondicherry.

At present Botanical Gardens is situated in the center of the city provides a cool retreat during hot summer days. Each and every tree or plants of the garden are labeled with scientific, common and Tamil names for the convenience of the tourists and students of Botany as well, some of them also state the use, the amount of oxygen they emit and their medicinal value. Other attractions of the Botanical Garden include Children’s toy train, six fountains, a dancing musical fountain and a Japanese rock.


The Botanical Garden in Pondicherry has:

• Children’s train

• Six fountains

• A dancing fountain

• Japanese rock

• Aquarium with ornamental fish

• Jawahar balbhavan

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