Get around – Pondicherry


The best way to see Pondicherry and its surrounding areas is by renting out a “Pedal cycle” or a “motorcycle” or “gearless scooter”. But as traffic increases, it is increasingly difficult to walk in many streets as they are crowded. There are several rental outlets on Mission St and MG Rd.

The prices as of July 2010 were Rs.200/day for a gearless scooter, and Rs.250/day for a geared motorcycle and Rs 40/day for a bicycle. You will need to provide some identification document as collateral and an advance of Rs 500.

Many of the rentals also provide delivery and pickup at the hotel which is very useful. (Note: Usually the number of days for these vehicles are calculated from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM.

The motorbikes are easily available in a couple of two wheeler rental shops in Mission Street. The Pondicherry tourism development corporation has daily bus services for tourists and it covers all the important tourist spots to be seen in Pondicherry. It is the best and most economic way to tour Pondicherry.