Wedding Ceremony Decorations in pondicherry
Wedding Ceremony Decorations in pondicherry

Decorating a park or lawn for a wedding can be challenging. After all, you want to highlight the beauty of the space but make it special enough for your nuptials. Following some basic guidelines and steps can help break things down into a manageable task.

Ceremony Decorations

The Wedding decorations will consist of a few standard items: altar decorations, chair decorations, and aisle decorations.

Wedding Function Alter Area pathway Decoration

Decorate the Altar Area First

The altar area is where all eyes will be, at least until the bride and groom make their exit. Start by decorating this all-important area. How you decorate will depend on what is up front.

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  • Arabian Tent, Canopies or covered structure: If your ceremony will take place in a gazebo or underneath a pergola or canopy, you’ll want to decorate the Arabian tents to match your wedding scheme. Wrap tulle around supports and tie floral bouquets at the midpoint to 3/4 of the way up the supports. If your wedding will take place at night, weave some LED lights through the tulle. Add a large swag in the center of the roofline. If desired, use rented stands to hold additional floral arrangements.
  • Bridal arch: Weddings without a structure at the front of the ceremony space may use a bridal arch. Decorate the arch with florals, vinery, balloons, crystals, or even small origami figures to match the color and theme of the wedding.
  • Tree: Holding the nuptials underneath a tree makes decorating easy. Add a wide ribbon or two a few feet above your heads with a large bow in the center. If desired, include columns or stands for additional floral arrangements, or make use of shepherd’s hooks for hanging bouquets or lanterns.
Tables and Chair Decoration for wedding functions

Decorate the Chairs

Once you’ve decorated the altar area, turn your attention to the chairs. Most people use one of the following two options to decorate the chairs:

  • Covers: If you’re using older folding chairs or have mismatched chairs, cover the chairs with fabric covers.
  • Bows and ribbons: Simple bows and ribbons tied around a chair in the back add a beautiful touch to the seating area.
Wedding Aisle Decorations in Pondicherry

Decorate the Aisle Last

Finally, turn your attention to the aisle. Decorate in the following order:

  1. Add a small bow or floral bouquet to the chairs on the ends of each row.
  2. Place any structures, such as vases, hooks, or stands, where they need to be.
  3. Add the floral arrangements to those vessels.
  4. Finally, decorate the aisle itself shortly before the ceremony begins (or before photos are taken). Roll out an aisle runner or add petals to the aisle. Petals can be strewn haphazardly or in a pattern.

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