5 Simple Ways Hair Loss Can Be Prevented in Men

In comparison to hair fall in women, hair fall in men can take more disastrous form. As the hair starts to thin out and reduce in men, the balding areas keep increasing simultaneously. Bald patches are more common to men than women. Therefore, if you are a man and have chronic hair loss running in family, it is important that you take necessary steps to keep your hair fall genes inactive, and should you start to lose hair beyond the normal count of 100-150 days per day, you should control the damage in the initial stages and prevent it from worsening further by using appropriate treatments.

Keeping aside the treatments formulated with 5% concentration of minoxidil, not many solutions are available on hair care market, which target the condition in men specifically. However, D.S. Laboratories has taken the dearth of men specific hair loss solutions as an opportunity to deliver a super effective, safe and quality product known by the name Spectral DNC for hair loss. This solution is available in a spray form and is prepared using vitamins and herbal extracts- used for ages for their hair health promoting properties, minoxidil 5% concentration- clinically proven to spur hair growth and stop hair loss, and retinol- to ensure thorough absorption of minoxidil into scalp.

While this product can sure help fight out hair loss effectively, there are also some simple to adopt daily techniques that can control hair loss, and support and further promote your hair health.

  1. Wash regularly with mild products: While a proper sebum production (natural oils secreted through sebaceous glands on scalp) is important for healthy scalp and healthy hair, excessive production of this natural oil on scalp attracts dirt and bacteria easily and causes scalp infection or, dandruff, thereby, increasing hair fall. Therefore, it is important to keep sebum levels controlled by washing hair regularly. But, make sure to invest in mild herbal based products and keep your hair free from harsh chemicals induced hair wash products.
  2. Eat vitamin rich diet: If you want your hair to sustain their strength and keep growing with good health, do friendship with vitamins and include them in your daily diet. Some of the vitamins that are a must for your hair are Vitamin A- to regulate proper production of sebum, Vitamin B- to retain your natural hair colour, Vitamin D- for promoting strength of hair, and Vitamin E- so that the nutrient rich blood flows easily through your scalp and feeds hair follicles to support their ability to produce healthier hair. Besides vitamins, protein rich foods are also a key to achieving stronger hair.
  3. Trust power of regular oil massaging: For men especially, when a few drops of essential oils of rosemary, lavender, carrot, clove, helichrysum, German chamomile, and cypress are added to carrier oils of evening primrose, coconut, sesame, and rosehip extract oils, an effective mixture to treat hair loss in men is formed. When any of these or a mixture of such oils are massaged regularly on scalp, the blood circulation sees a boost and your follicles function optimally to encourage hair growth and cease hair loss.
  4. Apply ginger, onion, or garlic juice on scalp: Traditionally used to add strong flavour to recipes, these foods can also benefit your hair health positively. Ginger, garlic, and onion are rich sources of sulphur, which is supposed to be the reason behind their ability to stop hair fall. To benefit from these natural ingredients, all you need to do is extract juice of any of these three vegetative sources and before you go to bed, apply the juice on the scalp and leave it be for the entire night and wash the scalp in the morning. Doing so regularly can start to show significant result in as little as a week’s time.
  5. Increase your water intake: Water is one solution that it is known to fight out most of the problems that exist. In terms of hair health alsoPsychology Articles, it is known that drinking plenty of water (8 to 10 ounces a day) is important for your hair growth cycle to function properly.