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    Baker Street Pondicherry
    Baker Street Pondicherry

    Baker Street in Pondicherry is a Concept Store which offers, French Food (esp. yummy pastries,) breads original ice cream with fruit, fine chocolates and fresh fruit juice and a quality catering service, among other French delicacies. This concept store, offers products manufactured locally here in “French Pondichéry” is new and unique in India.

    Customers with health issues ranging from obesity to diabetes require products that promote healthy choices such as chocolates made without sugar, pastries that are lighter and specialty breads that are gluten-free.  Baker Street offers a range of items to address these concerns.

             Another important aspect of food preparation that Baker Street implements is the complete separation of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.  They understand the importance of separate products, preparation, presentation & our trained staff offers both type of foods for the customer.  This concern also extends to their Muslim customers who require special kascher foods that do not include pork products of any kind.  

          The bakery offers seven types of French baguettes.  It includes diabaguette, which is a mix of French & Mediterranean breads such as Ciabatta and Foccacia, Kraftkorn multigrain bread mix, Fibro whole wheat breads and buns with high fibre and high protein and pesto breads.

         Interestingly, Bakery Street also introduced authentic French Cheese such as Camembert AOC, Comte, Roquefort, Crotins de Chavignol (goat cheese) and Raclette.  “We have home-made ice creams with 90 per cent fresh fruits.  We have French Chocolates too,” he says.  Not to forget popular desserts, which include flan (baked custard) and mousse (chocolate and egg white cream),” says Mr. Alain Phan.

    Varieties of French Food

    • French Pastry All-Stars
    • French Breads, Baguettes, Croissant, Ganache, Macarons, Chocolates, Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Cheese, Kitchen items, Soups, Salads, Quiche, Sandwich, Pizza, Cookies, Ice cream, Fresh Juices, etc. Both Vegetarian & Non Veg have been provided…


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