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    At the School for Perfect Eyesight, an initiative of the Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry, you will get an eye opener into rebuilding your vision. The first biggest revelation will be that most of us do not know how to use our eyes. We who sit in front of our computers simply do not blink our eyes and we stare at the monitor. We don’t realize how much we strain our eyes while even reading let alone while watching a movie. Result – headaches, swollen eyes, red eyes, refractive errors and deterioration of vision. The School takes care of all such factors that stop us from having perfect eyesight throughout our life.

    The School for Perfect Eyesight was started in 1968 by Dr. R S Agarwal, an expert and a believer in the power of the Bates Method. This Method, an alternative therapy that helps in improving eyesight, is no rocket science. It uses simple relaxation techniques that will rejuvenate our eyes naturally. The experts at the School put you through a series of exercises – sun treatment, palming, ball exercises, candle light reading, eye massage and so on for a week. These are exercises that can be practiced at home or at your office desk, after the treatment without any hassles. Mind you, no television or computer during this entire week J. When you review your vision by the end of the treatment, you’ll be happy that you chose to go down to Pondy. Wonder if it is really works, trust me, it has worked for me and my husband too. Our power reduced and it was such an amazing feeling to see that your eyes have gotten better naturally.

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