13, Bussy St, French Quarter, Around Town,
White Town,
Pondicherry ,

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Phone No : 0413-2226789, 0413-4200377

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    Owned by Roselyne Guitry, a perfumer from Burgundy who has lived in Bangkok, Delhi, and now Pondicherry, this guesthouse started out as an annex in which Roselyne could keep her collection of antiques and traditional furniture. A natural decorator, she claims the place was “thrown together,” and operates her villa as a nonprofit hobby and an opportunity to meet people from around the world. The communal porch with gracious arches and pillars, where you can relax in planters’ chairs, is a plus, while the two deluxe rooms on the ground floor of the heritage building have lovely high ceilings. It’s all rather quirky and charming, and really good value, but don’t expect doting staff or any real amenities (or even staff that speaks English) — for that you’re better off at Hotel de l’Orient.