14, Suffren Street,
White Town,
Pondicherry ,

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    Villa Shanti Pondicherry
    Villa Shanti Pondicherry

    Hidden behind a discrete facade, this big 19th century house located in the old French town (white town) has expanded a new wing built in contemporary style and comprises of fifteen well decorated and spacious rooms, a restaurant and a café bar.

    The use of traditional material in a modern language, the harmony of proportion and simplicity confers a unique and innovative character to this hotel and provides a modern interpretation of colonial architecture. This mixture of styles as well as the use of popular handiwork are involved in the joint efforts of the architects and promoters, who in their own capacity have vast knowledge in Travel in the service Industry, to shake the conventions, to arouse curiosity and to create an alchemy between the elements while maintaining a great artistic sensibility.

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