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    World of titans - Pondicherry
    World of titans – Pondicherry

    All of us tend to lead one-tracked lives. There are many sides to us that stay unexplored for many reasons. And to make our life a more enriching experience, we must unlock ourselves. And, this is not about imagination or about role playing.

    Every Titan watch is a compass to finding a ‘new you’ within you. It embarks us on a journey that never ceases as there is always a new destination to explore as soon as you reach one.

    Thus, the Titan philosophy of ‘Be More’.


    Restless for novelty, for perfection, for accomplishment. And it is this very restlessness that has defined Titan’s path breaking 24-year journey in watch-making.

    Titan has left an indelible footprint across the world, taking its dedication to quality and flair for design to 27 countries worldwide, including the Middle-East, South-East Asia and Africa. As you read this, a Titan watch is being bought somewhere in the world.

    • Titan Edge – At 1.15 mm, it’s the slimmest watch in the world. Edge is loved by customers and award committees alike.
    • Braille Watch – An expression of independence and self-empowerment for the visually challenged, packaged in an exquisitely designed case.
    • HTSE Watches – An alchemy of technology and design, these watches are recharged with light as feeble as the flicker of a candle or the glow from your mobile phone screen.