Rain relief materials looted by public villagers in Cuddalore – Videos

How Relief Materials meant for victims of flood are being looted by the people of Cuddalore Villages :-

How Relief Materials meant for victims of flood are being looted by the people of Cuddalore Villages :- Today working on flood relief on Cuddalore district has become very tough due to the attitude of the people of the district. The relief materials and medicines meant for the flood victims are being looted from the transport vehicles by villages who are not affected by flood. Friends from different parts of the country with so much of efforts have collected and purchased these materials for the flood victims. Villagers (men, women along with families) who are not affected by floods are blocking the trucks carrying relief materials and looting it. A drive in Cuddalore district will show you how it has become a fancy to block the truck carrying relief materials and targeting it. These people's attitude are affecting thousands of people are who are very badly affected by floods. So much of Milk, Dress, Food Products, Sanitary Napkins etc were wasted. Thanks for the administration for being a mute spectator. Earlier it was political goons and now it is the villagers ..... Here in this video you can see how a whole truck was looted @ Kallayankuppam village near Perumal Eri. These supplies were originally meant for the victims who have lost their homes in floods. These people were mostly rescued and kept in community centers, school and marriage halls. Some doctors whom we met at a cafe in the evening also shared similar experience. S.p. Udayakumar VetriSelvan Muthuraj Sundar Rajan Jeba Kumar Nityanand Jayaraman Muthu Krishnan Bharat Nayak Pattabi Raman

Posted by Amirtharaj Stephen on Sunday, December 6, 2015

This is what happening right now in cudaloor . Lot of public blocking us and looting the packs .Not the politicians . Guys i am saying not the politicians . Its totally public. We got some damage in our trucks too. Seriously we didnt expect this . They spoiled our mood to serve. Yes . Lots of poor people need help but we cant reach them. So plz if anybody wants to give stuffs . Give to the official people or collector office and u can leave cudaloor. To the village people ( especially youths ) u guys itself The main reason to not reaching the funds to your own people 🙂

Posted by Thirumalai Vaasu on Saturday, December 5, 2015

பண்ருட்டி கடலூர் சாலையில் நிவாரண பொருட்களை மறித்து வழிப்பறி

Posted by Satheesh Kumar on Sunday, December 6, 2015