Things you can do to extend the life of your device before you go for electronic repairs

Electronic repairs and phone repair are booming businesses, and for good reason. As we buy more and more devices, the possibility of damaging them in use increases exponentially. Therefore, it pays to know some of the common tips and tricks you can do to extend the life of your device before you send it in to an electronic repairs centre.
If your device has suffered water damage or you have splashed your morning coffee over it, remove the battery as fast as possible. Water is a good conductor and it can short out the sensitive electronics inside your precious device if it has power. Removing the battery buys you some time so that you can take it to an electronic repair or phone repair in your surrounding based centre as soon as possible. If your device has a non removable battery, turn off the device using the power button and hope for the best, it simply depends upon your luck as to how the device manufacturer has designed the internals to react to a still connected battery in the power off state.

Another popular trick you can try is to place the device in a container filled with raw uncooked rice. Rice has moisture absorbing properties and can save your device from further damage by sucking in all water particles from deep inside your device. To be safe, you should still send the device to a professional phone repair or electronic repairs centre to check for any hidden damage, but placing the device in rice should buy you some time before you are able to get it checked professionally.

A bare incandescent lamp can act as a great mild heat source to evaporate any water that might be stuck in the nooks and crannies of your device. Just place your device, remove any openings or coverings, remove the battery if possible and leave the device be for a few hours. This prevents water damage from seeping in further. To be safe, you should never turn on the device after it has been exposed to water until you get it inspected by a professional phone repair or electronic repairs centre, but taking these preliminary steps can always buy you some extra hours before you are able to avail professional services.

This trick can be performed, but you will have to exercise extreme caution so as to not make the problem worse. Wrap the device tightly in plastic and seal it so that no condensation may enter the device before you put it in the freezer. This trick works great for devices that have moving parts, like a hard drive. The low temperature can cause metallic components to shrink and the resulting strain can often fix minor issues with alignment. This trick does absolutely nothing for devices with no moving parts Science Articles, however.